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Pig Snot 16oz Spray Detailer

Pig Snot 16oz Spray Detailer

Pig Snot Spray Detail is a revolutionary formula for vehicle finish maintenance.This is used for in between waxes to bring out that protectant and shine. *receive free samples with this order to try*

Pig Snot Detail Spray  removes fingerprints, light dirt, water spots, and bird droppings without re-waxing. It is safe for all types of paint, clear coats, metal and plastic.

Especially recommended for those in-between waxes

Applying wax coats frequently one after another is not recommended as this can create a build up of wax and can cause yellowing on your clear coat. This is why we have created our Detail Spray, just spray on and wipe off will bring back that just waxed, wet look. Great for after a ride out for a quick clean up, great if your ride has been sitting and has collected light dirt & dust.