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Pig Snot Biker Wax

Pig Snot Biker Wax

Pig Snot is a blend of the finest non-silicone waxes with synthetic hand glaze materials. In fact, no other retail wax has a higher wax content than Pig Snot. *receive a free sample of spray detail with this order*

Get 4 oz's more with our new packaging of 16 oz's.

Pig Snot is a revolutionary new wax created by a consortium of motorcycle and automotive enthusiasts for one primary reason, YOUR ride. As any enthusiast knows, we take great pride in our vehicles and have never been able to find a product to truly do justice to them. After extensive effort and research involving motorcycle dealers, professional car dealers and wholesale wax distributors, the final result is a wax protection that far surpasses all others.

Pig Snot was developed using a complex array of trade secrets and it contains the same ingredients that professionals use to apply clear coat finishes to new cars and motorcycles. Pig Snot also has the highest percentage of Fluoropolymer (like Teflon). This is the ultimate combination for protection from fine scratches, highway debris, gas spills as well as excessive heat.