Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves- Renegade Classics RC7 Leather Textile Gloves

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Renegade Classics Leather/Textile Fingerless Gloves


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RC7 Leather/ Textile Fingerless Glove

  • 3 different types of material allow these gloves to remain cool and comfortable no matter how hot it is
    • Leather palms and perforated leather top allow for structural integrity while still allowing comfortable airflow.
    • Neoprene middle section helps protect knuckles and majority of hand from debris and elements while still allowing moderate airflow.
    • Spandex fingers allow for maximum flexibility and grip control while being extra light and breathable.
  • Reflective piping for added safety
  • Extra reinforced palm support
  • Quick removal pull tabs on fingers for easy removal of gloves
  • Velcro retention strap allows for adjustable fit.

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