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Vets Don't Forget Patch

The Vets Don't Forget Patch features an awesome embroidered design of a veteran biker riding through a war zone with his fellow military brothers. Acoss the top and bottom of the patch, the words "Vets Don't Forget" are emblazened. This biker patch also contains heat sealed backing for easy iron-on application. Personalize your favorite biker jacket or vest with this patch and hit the road in style! All patches are designed in the USA and feature original artwork you will not find anywhere else. High thread count embroidery contributes to high quality and long lasting durability of our superior patches! Unmatched when it comes to bright colors and intricate, incredible designs, our patches are created for easy sewing onto your favorite jacket or vest. Customize your gear with one of our embroidered patches. We guarantee you’ll find a favorite amongst our many designs!